Soft drinks are the beverage of choice for many people and, in moderation, they should not pose a major health risk. However, if you choose to drink them all day long, you may not realize the damage that soft drinks can do to your teeth.

Soft drinks contain approximately 10-12 teaspoons of sugar per serving. When you take a sip, you coat your teeth in liquid sugar. The bacteria that naturally live on your teeth feed on the sugar and produce acid. The acid that is produced has the ability to dissolve the surface of your tooth and create a cavity.

In addition, the soft drinks themselves, especially diet soft drinks, contain acid. If your teeth are continuously flushed with this acid, the acid can erode the enamel and cause the tooth to become thin and can expose the dentin layer inside your tooth. This exposure can cause sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets and can also make your teeth appear yellow.

Soft Drinks

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