At Palmetto Family Dentistry we ensure our patients that we will take every measure to make you as comfortable as possible.  We understand that many people have high anxiety when it comes to receiving dental treatment.  Because of this we offer two types of sedation.

Our first option we offer is an inhalation sedative, Nitrous Oxide, or more commonly known as laughing gas.  The nitrous oxide will calm and relax you, however you will not be asleep (unless you chose to).  This method is safe for patients of all ages and the effects wear off immediately.

Another option is an oral sedative.  This is a pill that is taken prior to your appointment and will also cause calmness and relaxation.  Again, you will not be asleep, however, after the effects of the medication wears off, it does tend to have an amnesia effect.  This option will require you to have a driver with you, as the effects are longer lasting.