Palmetto Family Dentistry is a state of the art facility that uses digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to help with the education, diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Digital x-ray technology is superior over the traditional x-rays that you may be accustomed.  One benefit is that your x-ray can be seen on the computer monitor just seconds after it has been taken.  The image is easier to read, bigger and is able to be adjusted so that we can magnify and lighten certain areas.  Also, there are no chemicals utilized in the ‘developing ‘of digital x-rays, so it is safer for you, your family and your environment.  The radiation exposure from digital x-rays is up to 80% less than that of conventional x-rays. The format of the digital x-ray also allows for convenient emailing of your x-rays to specialists and insurance companies.

Intraoral camera technology is just like a camera or video recorder.  It is about the size of a dental mirror and can be used to take close up pictures of all surfaces of your mouth, including: teeth, gums, tongue and roof of your mouth. This device allows both the patient and the doctor to better access dental conditions and to track the progress of treatment.

Digital Xray & Intraoral

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