You may notice your teeth do not appear to be as white as they were when you were a little younger.  Over time, your teeth may actually darken or stain.  Some of this darkening can be just the natural aging process or even medications that you took as a child, however some can be attributed to your current lifestyle.  It can be caused by food and beverages that you intake, such as: coffee, soda, tea, red wine or berries.  Staining can also be caused by tobacco products.

Whitening Methods

  1. The first option is the in-office power whitening system (Zoom!).  This takes about 1 ½ hours.  It is done by isolating the teeth to protect the gums and placing the whitening solution on the teeth.  This process is recommended for patients with severe discoloration and almost no tooth or gum sensitivity.  Custom trays are also prepared prior to the visit in order to allow for a desensitizing agent to be applied.  These trays will double as at- home whitening trays so patients can maintain the shade they desire.
  2. Secondly, there is the at home system which requires customs trays.  We take impressions of your teeth and prepare personalized whitening trays that fit securely over your teeth.  The trays are filled with whitening gel and worn for a specified amount of time.  This system can be done as often or as seldom as the patient desires or can tolerate.  In most cases you will begin to see results in approximately 2 -3 weeks.
  3. Lastly, we offer Sinsational Smile.  This option takes about 20 minutes and uses a pre-filled silicone tray. The use of this tray allows the jaw to remain relaxed through the procedure. This option also uses an LED accelerating light that helps to activate the gel’s whitening ingredients at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time. As part of your procedure, you’ll also receive a take-home maintenance pen shown below to further extend your new brighter smile!

Prior to whitening you should visit your dentist for a cleaning and a consultation.  The cleaning will remove any plaque or tarter that may be on your teeth and the consultation will determine if you are a good candidate for whitening.  Some factors that may be considered are if you have fillings, crowns or decay on your teeth.   Dental work does not whiten and will need to be replaced once you reach the desired shade.  Another factor is if you have severe bone loss or severe sensitivity of the gums or teeth.