Jaki-Lyn, a native to Goose Creek, SC, has been working as a dental hygienist with Palmetto Family Dentistry since the end of 2011.  You will see her around the office working her hardest to ensure that each patient has the cleanest and most beautiful smile possible.  According to Jaki, the best part of being a dental hygienist is getting to work closely with the public and help each and every one of her patients feel confident with their smile.

When she is not at work, Jaki will probably be out on the town with her wonderful husband, Ozzie, their adorable son, Riggins and Brandy & Queenie, the pups. If she can get away, you can sometimes find Jaki in the area shopping at one of her favorite local shops or quietly reading at the local coffee house.  You may not know this but Jaki also loves to bake and actually went to school to be a pastry chef.


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